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Reagetswe Trading 237 – Please beware not paying service providers

From time to time it happens when clients and service provider cannot see eye to eye, with that said I would like to inform potential service providers of our experience with Reagetswe Trading 237.

We were contact by Kgomotso Mahau on behalf of Reagetswe Trading 237 requesting a quote on web design and logo design. At first glance we were happy to oblige and forwarded a compiled proposal inclusive of discounts on individual design packages that would cover the scope of their (Reagetswe Trading 237) requirements.

Work project or scope was for six companies as listed below

  • Babina Tlou
  • Reagetswe Trading 237
  • Rashile Security
  • Best Enough Security
  • Ramokgopa Transport Services
  • A&J Property Development

Project overview

We received a communication dated the 12/1/2016 by Kgomotso Hahau (Marketing Manager at Reagetswe Trading 237) that they are where happy with our proposals and that we were awarded the contact to WDS Creative. In the interim Mahau also confirmed that payment timeline and confirmed that payment for logo design bundles would be initialed same day and that payment for web design projects would be paid the next day due to limitation of payouts via EFT. She also promised that she would forward a proof of payment. (This never happened)

The following day I contacted the offices of Reagetswe Trading 237 to follow up on payment progress and information required. I also informed Kgomotso Mahau that no proof of payment was received and that no payment reached our banks, she then asked her” finance manager” if payments was done and she confirm this to be a fact telephonically and that she would forward a proof of payment as soon as her finance manager sends this to her. (This never happened)

Waiting for the confirmation I called the offices of Reagetswe Trading 237 to inquire about the proof of payment just to be informed that Kgomotso Mahau was not in office for the rest of the day.

I then requested to speak to the finance manager and was connected to another lady who informed me that no payments were done.

I then opted to compile an email that outlined our concerns as I felt that Kgomotso Mahau blatantly lied about payment that was never made. I requested the finance officer to ask Kgomotso Mahau to contact me urgently to resolve this matter, furthermore since a confirmation of our proposal was on record and the fact that WDS Creative committed resources to roll out said projects I was concerned that there was never an intention of making a payment to us.

The next day I was not contacted, I then opted to phone the office of Reagetswe Trading 237 to seek an explanation for defaulting initial payment I was med by a defensive Kgomotso Mahau stating that she was unhappy about my email and had to forward my email to her management she also said that he would be deciding about the way forward. To me a contract was already activated and the only thing that outstanding was payment. I requested the owner of Reagetswe Trading 237 contact information to try and resolve this matter however this was abruptly declined by Kgomotso Mahau.

A half an hour after this call I received a termination of contact email from Kgomotso Mahau. In my 12 years of experience this is a red flag, and would like to take the opportunity to warn potential clients and service providers of the way Reagetswe Trading 237 does their business.

In my opinion and experience this is not a trust-worthy company and must be approach with care

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