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DennProp, the property portal to the North Coast South Africa.

With billions been budgeted too stimulate developing countries, such as South Africa, through local government and international and national investors alike, looking to take advantage of the higher returns in the commercial/retail and the industrial property market with an insatiable middle class market growth taking place in developing countries around the world. Stimulated by the current uncertain fiscal future of the developed countries, the old adage of “it’s as safe as houses” could not be more apt.

As South Africa has been blessed with its diverse landscape, from the “Funsunzi” ever green Kwa Zulu Natal, that has the privilege of been blessed with the beautiful warm blue waters of the Indian Ocean, to the mystified contrasting mountains of the Drakensburg. The jewel of Africa, the very cosmopolitan Johannesburg, down to the historic and diverse Cape Province, combined with a historically disadvantaged majority, one now has an urbanization development of insatiable proportions.

Such as the North Coast of Kwa Zulu Natal, the home of DennProp, where the transformation currently undergo is largely due to the re-location of the King Shaka International Airport, has resulted in billions been approved for further commercial, industrial and residential development.

DennProp, looks forward to adding professional assistance to your property portfolio. Ensuring your property investment is a profitable one!. 

Commercial Property | Residential Property | Idustial Property

To successfully market and sell your properties contact DennProp head office see contacts below or visit our website for more information

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