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18 Kelly Road, Boksburg 1459, Gauteng, East Rand
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+27(0) 72 052 0091

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We are proudly South African and we also pride ourselves on the quality and exceptional service that we offer our clients.
We supply the tools that facilitate the efficiency for all learning environments. We offer wholesale stationary directly to schools and businesses, visit the Contact Us page to get in touch with us. We’ve created a quick, easy and time saving process to resolve all your stationery needs you may have.

We all have had the experience and pain of having to check off list after list, going to shop after shop trying to figure out what is the most cost effective method and in the process loosing precious time. So why waste your time when Global School Stationery Supplier can take away all your stress by a click of a button. We provide you with the stationery you need at the most competitive price. Quick and Easy.



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18 Kelly Road, Boksburg 1459, Gauteng, East Rand