South African Dr Christiaan Barnard Made worlds 1st Heart transplant

Christiaan Barnard was born 8th of November 1922 in the Northern Cape part of the Karoo in a small town known as Beaufort West. Christiaan had 3 Siblings where 2 tragically died one was his brother and his sister was a stillborn. This resulted In Christiaan`s mother Maria to be very strict with their children threatening them with a whip if they were to underperform in their school studies.

Barnard Went to Beaufort West High School where he matriculated and then decided to go to the University of Cape Town Medical School where later in 1945 received his Degree in medicine as well as a certification as a cardiac surgeon. After receiving his qualifications, he served as a practitioner in a farming village. In 1952 he returned to Cape Town receiving his Master of Medicine and Doctor of Medicine.

The operation that made Christiaan Barnard most Famous among medical practitioners was that he was the first to have successfully transplant a heart. Doctors only tried transplant operation on animals but was hesitant to try it on humans. Dr Barnard had convinced a 54-year-old grocer to undergo a heart transplant from a brain-dead woman. He also paved the way of many other transplants to be possible by other surgeons.

Other than being a renowned surgeon Christiaan was a prolific writer, His first book Christiaan Barnard One Life posted in 1969 and his 2nd book posted in 1993. He has written many other novels and collaborated with other doctors writing about medicines and procedures.

In 2001 Christiaan Barnard went on holiday in Paphos, Cyprus he went for a swim on September the 2nd during the swim he had a fatal asthma attack tragically dying from it. If you are interested in having an awesome tour to South Africa you can visit heart of Cape Town to learn all of Christiaan Barnard Journey.